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The Best CSS Framework to use is NONE!

I’ve been designing and coding websites for years now but only recently have I looked into CSS frameworks. At first I thought these frameworks were great because they included many standard rules that I usually base many of my template layouts on anyway. I will be honest, they do save a lot of when coding but is that the overall goal? Is the new goal to cut down on development time and costs? What happened to good quality code? You must look at the bigger picture. The extended use, or should I say abuse, of these CSS frameworks can easily defeat the purpose of CSS all together.

The purpose of CSS is to keep your presentation separate from your markup. The less code used in your markup the better. CSS framework is not like Javascrtipt where you include a base framework/library and then call functions from it to do additional work. Instead all it gives you is declarative rules, many of which you can easily cut down the wasted framework by writing a few simple rules of your own.

I recently worked on a few existing sites that used frameworks and I couldn’t believe how out of control their markup had become, adding and extending the framework. I see developers using 5 or more classes on html tags, when honestly, they would be much better off just going back to old fashion tables because even tables used a lot less markup than that.

So my point here is that CSS frameworks can be effective when you want to cut down you development time or if you’re new to CSS and you’re not familiar with floats and clears, but I wouldn’t want to use it on any of my own sites, and you won’t find these frameworks in any of my templates.

Dallas Moore
Joomla Web Design | San Antonio Web Design

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